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(New Alliance NAR-003 US-81 EX 375:-)

This compilation of LA Hardcore Punk features not only a song by Raymond Pettibone (Ken - Purposeless Attitudes) but his artwork graces the front and back covers. This album was re-released in 1988 by SST Records, but this is the original!
Dictators Forever
(Roto Records RTI-205 Spa-96 EX 500:-)

Formed in 1974, N.Y.C.'s Dictators were one of the finest and most influential proto-punk bands to walk the earth. Alternately reveling in and satirizing the wanton excesses of a rock & roll lifestyle and lowbrow culture (e.g., wrestling, TV, fast food), the Dictators, whose worldview was defined by bassist/keyboardist Andy Shernoff and renegade rock critic/theorist Richard Meltzer, played loud, fast rock & roll fueled by a love of '60s American garage rock, British Invasion pop, and the sonic onslaught of the Who. This 19-track tribute compilation ( 1 LP + 1 "7 ) collects performances by Turbonegro, Fleshtones, Nomads, Sator, Mad Daddys a.o.
Gutbucket: An Underworld Eruption
(Liberty LBX-3 UK-69 EX 300:-)

GUTBUCKET (AN UNDERWORLD ERUPTION) is a 1969 sampler album released to promote artists on the Liberty Records label, such as Captain Beefheart, Lightnin' Hopkins, Alexis Korner, Groundhogs, Canned Heat a.o.