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(RCA Victor LSP-4806 US-72 EX 375:-)
Deadlier than Dracula – and a lot funkier too! This is the original soundtrack for the classic blacksploitation horror flick starring the baaadest Drac ever to grace the screen of all those shabby downtown theaters that were still around in the 70s – a wicked batch of wah wah tunes penned by Gene Page – and featuring a lot of groovy keyboards as well! The set's got a few vocal numbers, sung by 21st Century Ltd and The Hues Corporation, but it's the instrumentals that really steal the show– and there's plenty of great ones here that rank with the best blacksploitation work of the decade – hard and funky groovers that have kept this one flying out of the crates for many many years. Titles include "Blacula (The Stalk Walk)", "Blacula Strikes!", "Heavy Changes", "Movin'", "Run Tina Run!", "Firebombs", "I'm Gonna Catch You", "Finding Love, Losing Love" and "Good To The Last Drop".
Honey Baby, Honey Baby
  (RCA Victor APL-1-0994 US-75 cu EX 300:-)
     This soundtrack features Friends of Distinction and Weldon Irvine. It's a good album, full of clean mid 70's funk instrumentals and strong vocal numbers. It's a lush, full orchestral sound, clean but featuring big beats. "Title Theme and Openings" starts the LP in strong funk style.
Italian Job, The
  (Paramount SPFL-256 UK-69 EX 1000:-)
     The great soundtrack from Quincy Jones to the cult UK heist movie The Italian Job starring Michael "You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!" Caine, Noel Coward and Benny Hill (Big! Big!).

Quincy Jones has composed a variety of styles to accompany the on-screen action, but the tune we all know and love is the anthemic "
Getta Bloomin' Move On!" (The Self Preservation Society) and its accompanying instrumental theme that plays whilst those cute, cool little Mini Coopers race about Turin.
King Rat
  (Mainstream S-6061 US-65 coh EX   400:-)
     "King Rat" is a landmark John Barry score and one of his rare excursion into the Second World War. The strong themes and glorious arrangements are typical of the composer's work, while the music is not as strongly recognisable as a Barry masterpiece (which it undoubtedly is) as other scores of the period. After almost forty years "King Rat" is still a fresh interesting and entertaining score.
Monte Carlo or Bust!
   (Paramount SPFL-255 UK-69 EX 375:-)
     Ron Goodwin worked on more than 60 scores. His first was for documentaries, and his first feature was Whirlpool in 1958, followed television and on the film The Day of the Triffids in 1962. His war films are particularly well remembered. These include Where Eagles Dare (1968), Battle of Britain (1969), for which he replaced William Walton, 633 Squadron and Operation Crossbow. On Monte Carlo or Bust! (1969) the main theme is sung by Jimmy Durante!
On Her Majesty's Secret Service
   (United Artists UAS-29020 UK-69 EX 350:-)
    John Barry's best score for any James Bond movie -- including the best song ("We Have All the Time in the World") ever written for any movie in the series. Barry had already begun adding more diverse and complex orchestral pieces to his underscoring and greater lyricism to his songs with the preceding movie, You Only Live Twice, and he continued the process with On Her Majesty's Secret Service.
Robin and the 7 Hoods
  (Reprise F-2021 US-64 EX   350:-)
     Robin and the 7 Hoods is one of the more obscure releases from Reprise Records to be associated with Frank Sinatra and a major project, in this case a movie from the tail-end of the Rat Pack era. It is true that the recordings, like the production of the movie, bridged a difficult time in the lives of everyone — the Rat Pack itself was starting to fall apart; and Reprise Records, Sinatra's new business venture, with which he started the decade, was pretty much hemorrhaging money, except for his own recordings; and in the midst of the movie's production came the assassination of President Kennedy. So in retrospect, if everyone involved was a little off their game, it was understandable.
Solomon and Sheba
   (United Artists UAL-4051 US-59 EX 350:-)
     Epic Biblical saga starring Yul Brynner (replacing Tyrone Power, who died early in the filming) as Solomon, the Israelite king who falls in love with the sensuous queen of Sheba (Gina Lollobrigida), much to the dismay of his brother Adonijah (George Sanders) and at the risk of harming his people. Music composed and conducted by Mario Nascimbene - original Mono issue in the rare silk-screen sleeve!
Sweet Smell of Success
  (Brunswick LAT-8225 UK-57 EX   400:-)
     Chico Hamilton makes an early personal appearance with his group in the Alexander Mackendrick 1957 movie "Sweet Smell Of Success" playing himself. Although the main score for the film was composed by Elmer Bernstein, Chico is featured here in this album playing numbers that were featured by him in the film.